Launching the Comic Cons Cultural Mapping Survey

Learn about our cultural mapping exercise and take the survey for con organizers.

All my favourite books start with a map. There’s some kind of magic in that little sketch of mountains and forests. A map of a fantastic new world like Middle-earth or Westeros always helps to make the familiar feel strange and the strange familiar.

Our project’s first research activity is to create a map of the comic cons, comic art festivals, and related media fandom events that took place in the United States, Canada, and Mexico during 2017. In recent years, cultural planners and policymakers have used mapping as a tool to understand the demand for cultural amenities and to help measure their impacts. Our map will serve as an interactive, public directory that organizers, exhibitors, and attendees can use to explore the sector. But to make it, we need your help.

If you organized a con in North America during 2017, please take our survey. We’ll ask some questions about your organization and about each of the events you ran, including features like size, venue, admission rates, and publicly announced policies. Anyone who is authorized to report on behalf of their organization can complete the survey, including owners or staff members / employees. We’ll use the data to build our map, as well as to calculate some aggregate statistics about the sector as a whole.

Image credit: “Middle Earth Google Maps,” Mark Carpenter (mbingcrosby),

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Hi, my name is jay, i am part of a group who is trying to start a geek con kinda thing here in deep river ontario.. small town 2hours west of ottawa. As i was scrolling threw the exibitors of the geek market trying to message a bunch of vendors to see if they want to come to our very first one, i came accross you guys and thought id give you a shout see if you wanted to hear and watch it from the infant stages in a small town trying to grow and bring new life to its community. And when i say infant, i mean we just picked our date as of friday.. our geek day will be june 1st….