Cultural Mapping Survey Results Now Live

A little over a year ago, we launched the CCRP’s first cultural mapping survey of the “con events” sector in North America. We were trying to gather data on the different comic cons, comic art festivals, and related media fandom events that provide producers, creators, vendors, and fans a space to gather together and share their passions for various media forms.

In the end, we received completed survey responses from 62 organizations that represented 91 distinct events during 2017. While by no means an exhaustive inventory of the hundreds – perhaps even thousands – of con events taking place every year, the survey provides a window into the range of different events that take place in communities across Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Check out our results for yourself.

Thanks go to all the organizers who took the time to tell us about their shows. We now know a little bit more about this vibrant and diverse field of cultural practice. We hope to run another iteration in the future to continue collecting “snap shots” of the world of comic cons.