Wizard: A Guide to the Guide to Comics

From 1991 to 2011, Wizard magazine (variously subtitled “The Guide to Comics,” “The Comics Magazine,” and “The Magazine of Comics, Pop Culture, and Entertainment”) offered its readers—mostly, but by no means exclusively—young men, a peek into the world of comic books and related entertainment genres. Ten years on from its cancellation, Wizard is a fascinating, if sometimes frustrating or even troubling, archive of the comic book industry and its fandom during a pivotal period.

Research Team

  • Anna Peppard
  • Kalervo Sinervo
  • Benjamin Woo

Wizard: The Acafanzine

Produced for the 2022 conference of the Canadian Society for the Study of Comics, Wizard: The Acafanzine: Special #CongreSSH Collector’s Edition #1 showcases some potential lines of analysis resulting from our early conversations about Wizard. A mix of personal essay, criticism, and parody, the zine is structured like an issue of Wizard, with sections inspired by the magazine’s own recurring features and columns.

Words by Anna Peppard, Kalervo Sinervo, and Benjamin Woo. Layout and design by Benjamin Woo.